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The Classic Arduin Grimoire
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The fifth volume of the Arduin Grimoire series presents a look at the "Dark Side" of Arduin, including an expose of the notorious "Black Rabbit Gang", the infamous "Black Metals", the secrets of ORC ALCHEMY and treatises on the" Fog of War" and "Death in Arduin".

In addition to the myriad of new monsters, spells, potions and magik items, Dark Dreams presents a new brand of magik known as "Rogue Magik" and offers a revision of Arduin's famous Prismatic Walls.

Also included in volume five are more mystik metals, unique Arachnid silks, a rare breed of Mini-Dracs and a detailed presentation of the new "Gladiator" character class. Check it out!

Please note that all Classic Arduin products were written in the 1970's and 1980's and are presented here in their original unchanged format.


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