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The Classic Arduin Grimoire
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In addition to the usual collection of new monsters, spells and magik items, "House of the Rising Sun" provides rare insights into the Arduin campaign setting with presentations covering:

* Background information on many of Arduin's Noble Houses and Landed Siege Lords

* An in-depth look at the hierarchy, organization and activities of Arduin's many Street Gangs

* A detailed review of the Beggars Guild and guidelines for the new Beggar character class

* An expose of Arduin's infamous Assassins Guild, their unique weapons and deadly poisons

* A wide variety of culinary delights including unique appetizers, odd entrées and bizarre beverages

* Medical Wonders to cure numerous ills and maladies

* Unique Arduinian Pets and natural denizens of the wilds

* Legendary Gems and Jewels, magikal artifacts and mythical musical instruments

* A review of the "Elder Gods" - gone but not forgotten religions

* "Dragon Magiks" and a whole lot more!

Please note that all Classic Arduin products were written in the 1970's and 1980's and are presented here in their original unchanged format.

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