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End War (Arduin Grimoire volume 9)
Veteran - VetDiscount
The Classic Arduin Grimoire
Stock #EMC511
Black and White interior.
Size: 6.14 x 9.21 in or 234 x 156 mm
Perfect Bound

In keeping with the Arduin tradition, this the final volume of the "Trilogy of Trilogies". The book is jammed packed with new, never before published material from the mind of Dave Hargrave as well as articles from Monty St John, Mark Burton and Compleat Arduin co-author Mark Schynert. This is the final chapter of the Arduin Grimoire series also known as the first edition of Arduin. Most certainly useable with ALL Fantasy Role Play game systems but especially written for the Arduin Multiverse.

In addition to a wide assortment of monsters, treasures, spells, techno items, magik artifacts and a new character class, this volume takes us once again into the depths of the UNDERCITIES, reveals the secrets of "HELL WALKING", provides insights into the inner workings of the ARDUINIAN GOVERNMENT and the nefarious THIEVES GUILD.

Pay a visit to the mysterious PEARLY GATES INN deep in the heart of Khurahaen, where you are likely to be regaled with tales of Arduin's legendary SHIPWRECKS. But take care not to wander too far lest ye end up in one of the ELEMENTAL PLANES or fall victim to the WINDS OF CHANGE.

This and much much more awaits you in END WAR, Arduin Grimoire Vol 9. Complete your collection and order yours TODAY!

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