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Arduin Grimoire Bundle (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9!)
Veteran - VetDiscount
You get all of the Original Arduin material contained in the Grimoires!

* Arduin Grimoire volume 1-3 in a one book hard cover format
* Arduin Grimoire volume 4 soft cover
* Arduin Grimoire volume 5 soft cover
* Arduin Grimoire volume 6 soft cover
* Arduin Grimoire volume 7 soft cover
* Arduin Grimoire volume 8 soft cover
* Arduin grimoire volume 9 soft cover

You get all 9 of the Arduin Grimoires (9!) from the original trilogy that started it all to the next 5 books that David Hargrave wrote in the 1980's plus the latest one offered from Emperors Choice for one reduced price!


Now you can own the complete Arduin Grimoire series at huge savings! This specially priced bundle contains Arduin Grimoire volumes 1 thru 9! Dont be fooled by the "collector editions" from Dragontree That Emperors Choice allows them to sell, these are the cleanest copies available for the most valued price! Get your set today!

These Grimoires are especially designed for use with ALL Role Play game systems but specifically for Arduin I (the first edition of Arduin). They are most certainly useable with the current rendition of Arduin: Arduin Eternal and are still viable for use with ALL game systems -that is how flexible they truly are!

Please note that all Classic Arduin products were written by David A. Hargrave in the 1970's and 1980's and are presented here in their original unchanged format. Only Arduin Grimoire volume 9 has some material added from Emperors Choice to supplement the writings of David A. Hargrave for a more complete book.

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