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Arduin core races part 2
Race pictures of typical Arduin races part 2

Remember that these are the core races and ANY racial combination is generally possible in Arduin!


Please find typical race pictures to show the diversity of Arduin races on several pages. (Thank you John for the suggestion). All art is copyright Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures Corp. all rights reserved, permission given for personal use, other uses should be requested for in writing.

Outlook: Itís not easy being a Goblin. Most of the civilized races, such as Humans and Elves, consider you contemptible at best, a threat to be eliminated at worst. Urukks and Deodanths enslave you, and use you as labor or expendable troops. Even other Goblins donít trust you. After all, when your people have so little, you always have to worry that hunger might drive your neighbor to cut your throat during the night over your meager possessions. No, itís not easy being a Goblin, and there arenít a lot of benefits to compensate for it. Youíre not particularly strong, quick, or tough. You donít have any special powers like the Deodanths or natural armor like the Phraints. Sure, your night vision is good, but youíre half blind during the day. In order to make up for these weaknesses, a Goblin has to use every scrap of cunning, every ounce of ingenuity, just to stay alive. Itís not an easy life, but it can make for an extremely challenging role-playing experience.

Goblins tend to disregard their own scent, and wouldnít know sanitation if it hit them in the face. Their lairs and communities are dank, dismal, and smell horrendously (not that they notice). They seem resistant to such muck and the diseases that breed in the filth. Their taste buds seem equally numb, and they tend to find foods otherwise tainted (like rotted meat, for instance) very tasty. The concept of possession is different for Goblins, and anything not carried on oneís person is free to take.

Appearance: Goblins are short and wiry, standing between four and a half and five and a half ft tall. They uniformly have black hair, though baldness is common between both sexes. Goblins have a greenish complexion, though not the bright green skin that the more lurid bards and artists imagine. A warm weather race, they have little use for cold climates, preferring to withdraw into their caves when it gets chilly out. Goblins have very large, yellowish eyes, slitted rather like those of a cat, and developed, large pointed ears.

Common Culture: Chund, Chrysolia, Maelshyra, Malgoreem



Outlook: Hawkmen are one of the more rare races met. They are intensely xenophobic and quite clannish. Hawkmen warriors are hunters who fight with ferocity and speed. Many people and creatures fear Hawkmen, as they do not have the same views on the sanctity of life as other creatures. For Hawkmen, any land borne creature that moves tends to fall under the category of prey. While generally this does not extend to sentient creatures, not all Hawkmen tribes make the distinction. They are native predators with the same movements as the avian which engenders the name of their race.

While in all ways open and infinitely complex to each other, Hawkmen are seen as secretive and simple to others. Little of their internal society is exposed to outsiders, who are scorned for their lack of flight. They are also calm to the point of seeming emotionless, yet animate in movement and body to seem almost constantly restless. They tend to have a strong sense of right and wrong, or just the opposite. Hawkmen prefer to fly when traveling, and become uneasy if they stay on the ground for extended periods. They never voluntarily go underground, and tend to become unstable and berserk if forced. They degrade rapidly if ever chained or restricted from moving, lapsing into a form of madness, then eventually death in a short number of days. This makes them poor catches as slaves, and few Hawkmen ever last long if subjected to those conditions.

Most worn clothing is light and airy, though rustic. This type of light clothing and leather harness is all that is worn, as most other clothing tends to foul in their wings. Hawkmen sleep sitting or standing, and, while omnivorous, have a strong desire for raw meat.

Appearance: Hawkmen appear Human with bird like features and a dorsal ridge of feathers they can erect like a cockatoo when angry or surprised. Otherwise, they are covered with feathers everywhere a bird would have except on the face, throat, and stomach, which expose bare skin. Their feathering ranges in color from rusty brown to tan and olive for the skin. They are more endomorphic than Humans or Elves, though their bone structure is extremely resilient. They stand an average of five and to six ft tall, with wingspans roughly three times their height in length. The wings begin at the spine slightly below the wide shoulders, and extend down the longer humanoid torso. Hawkmen shoulders are extremely well built and layered in dense, strong muscle. They have clawed ft, often metal shod. Hawkmen are born with a single set of wings, though rarely (very!) a special Hawkman is born with two sets of wings. Their eyes are sharp and very piercing, and tend towards greens, blues, and light grays.

Common Culture: Ithalos, Saast, Tharkhala, Zirhaine