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Black Phraint (Stock # EMC307)
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Stock # EMC307

The Black Phraint: thought extinct, capable of space vacuum free fall combat and genetically engineered this is one of the most dangerous opponents you can think of facing in combat.

Shown here he is equipped with heavy laser rifle, grenades, breathing apparatus, helmet, and two-hand sword. This particular one has traveled through the ages from extinction to do battle and adventure with only the strongest and bravest out there, he has a limb that is mechanical as his original one was lost in battle eons ago.

Designed for use in 25-32 mm miniature ranges. Perfect for your game that uses miniatures or just collecting.

This miniature is supplied as a RAW metal casting and is sold as an unpainted model.

Painted picture is for reference only. Figure is painted in Black and White intentionally and not meant as a reference.

Crafted by: William Watt

Reference painting by: William Watt

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