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Here are some links to our favorite blogs
Most of the blogs mentioned have either done reviews for Arduin or mentioned Arduin in some fashion, however this is not a prerequisite to be listed.

If you would like to be listed here please send us an email and we would be more than happy to list your blog!


James Maliszewski started roleplaying in the late Fall of 1979, when he opened up a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set edited by Dr. J. Eric Holmes originally purchased for his father. More than 30 years later, he's still playing.

This blog is where James collects his memories and musings about roleplaying games and related nonsense, as well as articles about the history of the hobby from its earliest beginnings to the present day.
Planet Algol

PICTURE CAPTION:"Poor dumb dead bastard!"

Jeff's Game Blog
"Man, is there anything Jeff CAN'T do when it comes to gaming? This guy is like a critical 20 every roll. Jeff can bite the heads offa five game geeks, including their sorry-ass DM, and spit 'em into a large duffel bag ONE AT A TIME!...that's just the kind of messed up bastard he is! You think yer a gamer, punk? Well..do ya? Jeff will depants your weasel-ass right in front of your grandma."

--Rondo the Mesmerator

Cyclopeatron Blog

RPG Blog worth checking out!

What is a "grognardling?"

I've only been role-playing for a few years, which isn't surprising when you're in your twenties, but is rare when you play the kind of games that were published in the 70's. I'm a grognardling- someone who is young, has never even seen a copy of the LBBs, a Red Box or a 1st Edition book, but is avidly in the process of learning the "Old Ways."

Are you a grognardling too? You don't have to have had exactly the same experience as me, but if you're "young" and learning the "Old Ways" and you have an RPG blog, let me know and I'll add it to the blog roll of fellow grognardlings below.

Retro RPG !
Hi folks!

My name is Jeff. I have been a Gamer since 77.

This blog is for the purpose of supporting and spreading interest in Retro Roleplaying Games!

Having played many genres and systems of RPGs, I have become convinced that the feel and versatility of the Old School games is unparalleled. I am of the firm belief that not only should long-term players consider a return to their roots and that of The Game, I also encourage the newer player to check them out you may be pleasantly surprised!

Gnome Wars!
This is a blog for those interested in wargaming with the 25mm Gnomes at War figures produced by Brigade Games. This group also discusses the Gnome Wars rules set, written by Jim Stanton. In addition we discuss modeling and painting issues, as well as offer advice on new scenarios and rules.

They have some great pictures of Emperors Choices skeletons getting primed and painted for a Gnome War!

Check em out!