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Emperors Choice is pleased to announce the free download of a subset of the original Arduin classic,
"THE COMPLEAT ARDUIN: The Rules".  Ordinarily 19.99, we are providing the salient parts of the rules in a series of PDFs free of charge

If you would still like to own this classic original, in the state it was first published, it is still for sale! You can find it here.

Otherwise, we invite you to download and explore the Compleat Arduin rule system. 

*** Please note that you should right click and select "save target as" if you wish to save the PDF locally on your system.  Otherwise, it will open up in your web browser only.***

Introduction and Chapter 1
Chapter 2, part 1
Chapter 2, part 2
Chapter 3, part 1
Chapter 3, part 2
Chapter 3, part 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5, part 1
Chapter 5, part 2
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 and 8

Compleat Arduin : Rules  

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