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Welcome to Emperors Choice:

Home of Arduin!

Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures Corp is a company owned and operated by a small partnership of Arduin fans and gamers dedicated to Arduin Multiverse. In the industry for over 15 years, we have striven to preserve David Hargrave's legacy of previous works, providing the classic materials generated by his own hand and new works based on his ideas and world setting to fans worldwide.

From miniatures portraying the unique and distinctive creatures of Arduin to modules and a gigantic world setting, we at Emperors Choice strive to bring old fans and new alike more and more of the spectacular and intriguing world of David Hargrave.

EC recommends doing a REFRESH when you visit here as we are constantly adding material.

We have added a discount for Veterans - simply type Veteran in the discount section to claim your 20% discount on all of your purchases if you are a Veteran! More details and other discounts can be found in the discount section of this site.

If you have any issues with orders or just questions please feel free to email George at arduinvp@aol.com

We will be working on a rewrite of the OLD SCHOOL ARDUIN (Arduin I - A.K.A. the trilogy) over the year. You can track it on the Empcho Blog or in the Arduin Google community.

We have also added free downloads and digital editions of Arduin products to DrivethruRPG. DriveThruRPG.com

While you are there check out the other free stuff from Emperors Choice and some of the lower cost items that are cool to have and wont break anyone's budget!

Use "Click HERE" to get the temporary rule files for Swords & Dragons at the Drivethrurpg site Click HERE

NEWS: Emperors Choice BLOG

Chorynth country map Chorynth Country Map
The Country Map of Chorynth. This is a poster map measuring 17x22 inches on a ticker paper. Full color. You can also download for free a copy of the basics of Chorynth for free from drivethrurpg.

You can also get a free copy of this map until December 30, 2012 Eastern Standard time by purchasing and three products that Emperors Choice has for sale!


A bunch of new miniatures are now available including several poses of the Skeletons riding the giant Vampire Bats as pictured here.

Vampire Bat with Skeletal rider!
Several new miniatures are now available including several poses of the Skeletons riding the Giant Vampire Bats such as the one pictured here!
World book for Arduin: HUGE BOOK!
The World Book of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin is an exciting, 800+ page volume—a literal encyclopedia of the world of Khaas and the country of Arduin. The World of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin is a massive volume based on David Hargrave's work, once and for all throwing wide the gates on the Plateau of Forever; allowing entry not only to Arduin, but into the very world.


PICTURE section PLUS race information
The picture page section was started on May 12, 2012 so at least one (for now) of each race plus a description of the races for your use and helping people without the books etc get a glimpse into what they might want to play.

It will get some updates over the course of the next few weeks. Last update was June 10, 2012. Enjoy!
Hot Items

Here are some of the top-selling products in our store:
Air Shark Hammerhead w/rider/bow (Stock # EMC3116)
Air shark Hammerhead w/rider/bow (Stock # EMC3116)
$ 14.25
Arduin Grimoire Trilogy (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1, 2 & 3 in one volume!)
The Original Arduin Grimoire Trilogy
$ 49.99
Mushrooms (Stock#EMC3122)
Mushrooms (Stock#EMC3122)
$ 14.00
Arduin Grimoire Bundle (Arduin Grimoire volumes 1-9!)
Arduin Grimiore Bundle: AG1
$ 99.99
Hell Hopper (Stock # EMC3113)
Hell Hopper: Flying Frog miniature!
$ 13.00
Country map of Arduin
Arduin Poster Map
$ 19.99
Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasures
Arduin Eternal Bestiary and Treasure guide
$ 35.00
Arduin Eternal
Arduin Eternal
$ 74.95
Throon (Tolparg) (Stock # EMC311)
Throon (Tolparg) (Stock # EMC311)
$ 7.80
Vampire Bat (Giant) w/Skeleton rider / axe/shield (Stock # EMC611)
Vampire Bat (Giant) w/Skeleton rider / axe/shield (Stock # EMC611)
$ 12.00
Vampire Bat (Giant) w/Skeleton howling, sword & shield (Stock # EMC610)
Vampire Bat (Giant) w/Skeleton howling, sword & shield (Stock # EMC610)
$ 12.00