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Here are some links to our favorite places

Here you will find links to a myriad of other sites. From other Arduin fan sites to other RPG or World War II blogs etc.

Links Page 2 is located second from the bottom and when appropriate will have additional link sections added!

The BLOG link section is at the bottom so you can get to it quickly. This section will be ever open to expansion to any that want their site listed.

Currently only RPG sites are listed anywhere within the link areas.


Arduin discussion boards
Arduin.com is the primary discussion board for all of the Arduin versions.
Arduin World of Khaas
The World of Khaas is the dangerous and mysterious realm of David Hargrave, the creator of the well known (some say infamous) Arduin Grimoires. While David Hargrave has passed on, a few others have kept the path to Arduin clear and torches brightly lit in the darkness.

Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures Corp is a company owned and operated by a small partnership of Arduin fans and gamers. In the industry for over a decade, they have strived to ensure David Hargrave's previous works, and the new works based on his ideas and world are available to fans new and old alike. They have compiled the massive book, the World of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin, in order to display the fabulous and deadly world of Khaas. Appealing to new fans as well as old, this volume portrays, for the first time, the true breadth of David Hargrave's world.
FightON magazine
Fight On! is a journal of shared fantasy. We who read and write for this magazine are a community of role-playing enthusiasts unified by our love of the freewheeling, do-it-yourself approach that birthed this hobby back in the 1970's. We are wargamers who write our own rules and fantasists who build our own worlds, weekend warriors sharing dreams of glory and authors collaborating on tales of heroism and valor. We talk, paint, draw, write, act, costume, build, and roll dice in service of our visions.
Basic roleplaying Central
PHP forums, great place!
RPG.net forums
Old School D&D
Dragons Foot Forum
Welcome to Dragonsfoot, absolutely the best (award winning) site for original roleplay material. All produced to a professional quality and offered to you completely free of charge!
Links page 2 (non-blog)
This link will currently only take you back to the Emperors Choice Home page. When updated it will take you to more non-blog links that we think you might find cool to check out.

Be sure to check out the BLOG LINKS below!

Blog Links
Here be the links to the blogs of anyone that would like to be listed on the EC site!