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Arduin Bloody Arduin

Older site, not updated but much - BUT it is for Arduin! - KUDOS!

Welcome to my game page for arduin in OpenRPG. Contained here in is some rules,links, and info

Arduin Guild on Yahoo
This site is dedicated to:

David Allen Hargrave,
May 25, 1946 - August 29, 1988
Military Veteran, Vietnam Veteran,
6 years of service, US Army.
Interred in Section CB, Site 670, Golden Gate National Cemetery.
Author, Game Designer, Entrepeneur, long departed Friend.

Run by Paul Mosher, friend of David Hargrave and has great first hand knowledge of Arduin and David A. Hargrave!

Fishmans Showcase page 2
From: COLONEL MARBLES website!

Merfolk have had all the good press. With the bodies of humans and the tails of fish, mermaids - for they dominate their menfolk in terms of public interest - are rarely shown anymore as evil creatures who lure sailors to their death. Instead, thanks partly to Disney, merfolk are good, solid people who live an idyllic underwater existence. Another sort of Fishfolk, those with the legs of humans but the tops of fish, are the binary opposite: freakish, unnatural creatures to be shunned. Maybe it's harder to look a fishman in the eyes, maybe it's the lack of a bosom, but we certainly regard them differently.

Nevertheless, both live in the sea and occasionally venture onto land, albeit with difficulty. They're also underrepresented in wargames. Alright, so mermen aren't going to be razing orcish strongholds too often, but you can fight underwater battles, have coastline ruckage or, if you're really desperate, play 'capture the duck' during bath time. Of course, to do that you'll need some figures...

For the purposes of this showcase, I've included fishfolk, merfolk, sharkmen, squidmen, lobstermen and frogmen as well as their monstrous auxiliaries. Basically, anything fictional that's found mainly in water. (What do you mean mermaids aren't fictional?) Duckfolk have been noted only when a company is appearing for other reasons, because they're ducks. The emphasis is on available models, which means this listing includes everything currently in production, but a lot of older goodies are also present. What would ebay do without us?

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