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Portal to Legends

Air shark with Goblin archer Air shark with Goblin Lancer Air shark with Goblin swordsman
            Air Shark w/mounted                               Air Shark w/mounted                        Air Shark w/mounted
            Grey Goblin Archer                                     Grey Goblin Lancer                        Grey Goblin Swordsman
                        $6.99                                                        $6.99                                                  $6.99

Cyclops   Grey Horror Helltide and Stink Bugs
        Cyclops                 Grey Horror [90 mm]       Helltide + 2 Stink bugs
        $19.99                            $19.99                                $3.99

Mouth Arm   Great Gorilla Vroat
 Mouth Arm [80 mm]              Giant Gorilla                                      Vroat
           $5.99                                $5.99                                            $3.99

Maggoth Giant Bat
             Maggoth                             Giant Bat
              $5.99                                  $4.99

All miniatures are 32-34mm scale unless otherwise specified.

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