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Skeleton of the North Spear Chucker (Stock#EMC705)
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Stock # EMC705

Get ready to battle in the great northern reaches of the third continent. Skeletons are the backbone of most undead armies or necromancer wishes. Emperors Choice has an ever expanding selection of Skeletons in a wide variety of poses as well as several different themes.

Pictured here is a skeleton warrior Hurling his spear at his adversaries; he hails from the Great Northern reaches of the third continent of Khaas, from the Blue Barbarian areas where life is often decided by a piece of steel.

* Designed for use in 25-32 mm miniature ranges. Perfect for your game that uses miniatures. Simply put Emperors Choice boasts that there are NO BETTER SKELETON miniatures on the market, period, and at a low cost you cant go wrong! So you might as well get started on creating your undead army now.

* This miniature is supplied and SOLD AS A RAW CASTING and comes as an unpainted model.

Painted picture is for reference only.

Crafted by: William Watt

Reference painting by: William Watt

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