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Store Specials
All Specials: ongoing and limited
While Emperors Choice does not have a lot of specials we do have at least one ongoing at all times. In addition we generally have a special one time a year that is better or different than any others, enjoy!
Arduin Grimoire Volumes 1-9 special
This includes Arduin Grimoire volume 1-3 in a one volume hardcover book and volumes 4-9 in softcover (individually). This is an ongoing special
Miniatures: Fantasy figures

Emperors Choice has an ongoing miniature sale of 20% off an order of $100 or more of the retail cost of miniatures!

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST enter the promotion code "mini100" and order at least $100 in miniature merchandise (or Swords and Dragons card games) total to get the discount.

Generally all of the Fantasy figures meet the sale criteria at this time.

The World War II miniatures once released will generally NOT be discounted due to the complexity of manufacturing most of them.
Veterans Discount.  Get 20% off of any and all orders, simply type the word Home Page return to claim veterans discount!
Veterans Discount. Get 20% off of any and all orders, simply type the word "Veteran" in the discount area if you are a veteran and wanting to claim the discount! Thank you all Veterans for your service to your country!