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Swords & Dragons (non-collectable card game)
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Fantasy Card Game - $4.99
Stock # EMC202

Enter the world of Swords and Dragons from the world of Arduin.

This is a fantasy themed card game playable for up to 10 players. It will delight fantasy enthusiasts, card players, and children alike. 108 playing card deck includes 8 suits, 4 dragon wild cards, and 19 “sobriquet” cards.

Download the rules for free today! Rules for basic play (Mad Queens Reign) and the standard rules for Swords & Dragons, which is a fast paced game like poker with several unusual twists. The cards can be used to play standard games with double the players (Euchre, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Spades etc.).

It offers card players a wide variety of play options and outcomes.

Card rules are offered online free of charge.

A great Role-Play game aid, usable as an alternative to combat, a deck of fate and so much more.

Ages 8 and up; 2-10 players.

Be sure to check out the new "Casting of the Cards" section in Arduin Grimoire Vol 9: End Wars for additional rules and uses to enhance your role playing game experience!

This game no longer available as a boxed set. All orders are filled with *cards only*. Rules are available at the link below at Drivethrurpg and will be added to the Emperors Choice site soon. Use "Click HERE" to get the temporary rule files for Swords & Dragons at the Drivethrurpg site Click HERE

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