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Throon (Tolparg) (Stock # EMC311)
Stock # EMC311

Tolparg the Throon, with his four axes of death is a formidable opponent indeed! Relatively rare to encounter these days but not totally uncommon, an ally worth having in all battle situations!

Shown here is a Tolparg an adult Throon seeking his fortune.

In game scale he stand over 8 feet tall (miniature from foot to head is approximately 46mm / 1 13/16 inch).

Designed for use in 25-32 mm miniature ranges. Perfect for your game that uses miniatures or just collecting.

This miniature is supplied as a RAW metal casting and is sold as an unpainted model.

Painted figure when shown here is for reference only.

Crafted by: William Watt

Reference painting by: William Watt

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