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Vampire Bat (Giant) w/Skeleton rider / axe/shield (Stock # EMC611)
Stock # EMC611

Get ready to battle with the undead! Skeletons are the backbone of most undead armies or necromancer wishes. Emperors Choice has an ever expanding selection of Skeletons in a wide variety of poses as well as several different themes.

* Pictured here is a Giant Vampire Bat with skeleton (with Axe and shield) swooping into battle.

* This figure is perfect for using as a basic unclothed model to flesh out rank and file troops, create a nasty cave encounter or to add a large variety of conversions yourself.

*This miniature comes in 4 lead free pewter pieces that will require some minor assembly - preferably with epoxy adhesive. It also comes with a 2 piece plastic base to mount on.

* Designed for use in 25-32 mm miniature ranges.

* Perfect for your game that uses miniatures.

* Simply put Emperors Choice boasts that there are NO BETTER SKELETON miniatures on the market, period, and at a low cost you cant go wrong! So you might as well get started on creating your undead army now.

* This miniature is supplied / SOLD AS A RAW CASTING and is an unpainted model.

*Painted picture is for reference only.

Crafted by: William Watt

Reference painting by: William Watt

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