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Vaults of the Weaver
This is the Classic Arduin Module Collection of previously published Arduin Dungeons and some never before published Dungeons from the mind of David A. Hargrave!

...Harken back to the days of old! Feel the shiver of terror within the shadow of the Howling Tower! Brave the treacherous cliffs of the Thousand Thunder Falls...dare you venture behind the thundrous sheets of water? Sally forth in the name of glory, greed and adventure!

Arduin fans this is it! "Vaults of the Weaver" delivers six modules designed and written by David Hargrave in one book. From the flying dutchman of dungeons, "Caliban," to the depths of the never before published, "Hive Home," come experience the deadly dungeons of Hargravian history.

David Hargrave is back for one more round of hell, so what are you waiting for? Grab your cold steel and ride forth to save the world...it's time to enter the Heart of Darkness!

A compilation project that includes the four classic modules and two new modules authored by David Hargrave but never before published. The contents of the book are:

- Caliban
- Howling Tower
- Citadel of Thunder
- Death Heart

- and a couple of more books thanks to Paul Mosher:

- Hive Home
- Heart of Darkness

Also included is the Tomb of D'Haera

The Dungeon and Overland maps have been re-drawn and cleaned up, still the same maps just better looking!


The Thousand Thunder Falls is not only a geologic wonder but also a doorway to mysterious deep depths. Behind their innocently shimmering curtain lies a cryptic evil. Foul and forgotten, it waits without end growing in the darkness of its den.

The Citadel of Thunder is the third in a series of adventure modules based on the best selling Arduin Trilogy. The suggested level of play is 3-6 characters of 4th thru 7th level. It contains four dungeon levels complete with maps and area descriptions, eight pocket sized magic artifact cards, and eight illustrated monster cards with statistics.


What turns a verdant green garden into lands black as death? Where once pristine lakes and silver spire towers sparkled in bright sunlight, now lies pitch and rubble, swallowed by the inky depths of a bleak waters. Deep, heaving sighs are heard throughout the trees as the tainted land murmurs a haunting pulse. Four entrances lead down into a hidden maze below the ruins. Above each portal, an enigmatic quote bellows a silent challenge to the world; its staunch call remains unanswered. Treasures and mysteries lie bound and locked within its dark realms. Dare you seek the mysteries of Death Heart?

Death Heart is the fourth in a series of adventure modules based on the best selling Arduin Trilogy. Difficulty level is mutable for any character level or number of players. It contains overland maps with area descriptions and encounter charts, three dungeon levels with maps and room descriptions, eight pocket sized magic artifact cards and eight illustrated monster cards with statistics.

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